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  • A Gutter Guard That Might Actually Keep You off the Roof

    Article topic: Gutterglove Pro
    Media type: Newspaper
    Media name: The Washington Post
    Article date: September 29, 2007

    Media website’s full story: A Gutter Guard That Might Actually Keep You off the Roof

    Newspaper article photo of GuttergloveHere is an excellent article written by the Washington Post about Gutterglove.   Tim Carter is an experienced home improvement expert and journalist and his product testing is exceptionally thorough and pragmatic.   I always hold an opinion to be of great value when the holder is both experienced and previously skeptical about a possible solution.

    I particularly like the section that mentions what an honest company Gutterglove is in regards to properly setting expectations with customers.    That is one of the reasons why we at All Surface decided to be Gutterglove dealers; over the years that we have been installing gutter protection we always go out of our way to ensure that customers understand the real world expectations of any gutter protection systems.   Once aware of the actual facts versus only pumped up promises like so many of our competitors offer, our customers are able to make informed decisions and be comfortable with those decisions.

    Here is an excerpt from the article, but I suggest you click on the link above for the full article:

    “… I had just about given up hope when, last year, a company contacted me, saying it had the solution. Once I looked at the sample it sent, I could tell the product, called Gutterglove, was unique. It is made from 1/8 -inch-thick extruded aluminum with a stainless-steel micromesh screen on top of it. The gutter guard is practically indestructible.

    What I like most about this gutter guard is that absolutely no organic debris can get into the gutter, as the micromesh has openings that are smaller than the tip of a needle. But the mesh easily permits large amounts of water to flow through it into the gutter.”

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